Designer Laptop – The Crystal M677


Talk about designer laptops. Taiwan-based component manufacturer Micro-Star International Company, or MSI, has released a collection of laptops that could top your great-grandmother’s crystal chandelier for shininess, while providing enough power to trump your desktop for usefulness. The first installment in MSI’s collection is the Crystal M677. It gets its name, and its bling, from 120 pieces of real-deal Austrian […]

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Lenovo Offering Cheaper 3G Laptops


Teaming up with AT&T and Ericsson, Lenovo is dropping the price and widening the availability of its 3G capable notebooks. Lenovo has recently stated that the built-in 3G option has become available in many more of its laptops, from the T series to the X series to the SL series ThinkPads. Beyond that, they have also dropped the price. The […]

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Laptop Award – Laptopical’s 2005 Winners!

Deciding on which notebooks should receive a coveted Laptopical laptop award was difficult. But now that the votes have been counted, and the contents of thick brown envelopes have been safely deposited in a Swiss bank account, we are finally at liberty to reveal our selection. We decided to have a little fun, and compare these laptops with characters from […]

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Tips on Improving Battery Life

Today’s newest laptops can last for hours and hours. Like true work horses, they power for entire trans-Atlantic flights. But these laptops don’t come cheap. As if they have their hands on the next digital-computing Wilt Chamberlain, manufacturers like IBM and Sony know the value of extending laptop battery life. Indeed, battery longevity is possibly one of the most important […]

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