MSI Customer Service, butthurt or not?


I have been a massive fan of MSI for the past 15 or so years, dating back to when I worked as an in-store technician at Time Computers recommending MSI motherboards to customers.
All of my PC builds for myself, friends and family have used MSI motherboards, and in my experience these products have been hardwearing and reliable.

My MSI GX660R laptop had been long overdue for an OS (Win 7, slowly dying with Office 365 going losing its mind) reinstall so I decided to take up the free Win 10 upgrade offer from Microsoft.
After a bit of messing about using 3 install methods I gave up and called Microsoft who were very helpful, eventually they found that MSI have not updated a driver required to install win 10 on this laptop.

So I sent MSI UK customer service an email enquiring about this:


To MSI UK support:

Hi there,

I have been on the phone with Microsoft support while trying to install Windows 10 update, the Microsoft technicians told me that MSI haven’t released a driver that will allow me to install Windows 10.

My laptop is a MSI GX660R:

CPU: Intel core 17-740QM

VGA: ATI Radeon HD5870 1GB DDR5




Could you confirm that the required driver will be released and if you have an ETA, I am having some problems with the OS and it makes more sense to upgrade to Win 10 than to use Win 7 again.

I have been using MSI products for years and have found them to be very reliable, so thanks for that! Always a happy MSI customer.


From MSI UK support:

Dear Customer,

Use: (

You can find notebooks which supports Windows 10 upgrade in this page. If your notebook is in support list, please upgrade your system.


MSI recommends to create system recovery. In case you don’t like Windows 10 after the process, users could use the system backup which created by Burn Recovery to restore Window 7 or Windows 8.1.


To MSI UK support:

Hi there,

I can’t find my gx660r on the list, does this mean that I won’t be able to upgrade to windows 10 even though the specifications on this laptop are more than enough for Windows 10?

Also would it be possible to use the information from your chart on my site We are just building up some content for this site and it would be useful information for visitors.


From MSI UK support:

Dear Customer,

We are sending you information about what you need to know before installing Windows 10:


To MSI UK support:

Hi there,

I understand the information you have sent but please answer the question I am asking.

What I am asking is if my laptop isn’t present on the list of laptops upgradable then it will not be having its drivers updated by MSI to accommodate Windows 10?


From MSI UK support:

Dear Customer,



This is where I decided I couldn’t be bothered to continue emailing, what I wanted to find out is what driver is causing an issue and if I could find a 3rd party driver to solve the issue.
The fact that I can’t upgrade is not really an issue, this laptop is old and it has been a great workhorse for years, I definitely have had my money’s worth out of it. I don’t expect any company to continue releasing updates for old laptops like this.

But I expect any major tech company to get the tone of their customer service response right, “thank you for your business”, “sorry we can’t help in this instance”, “please contact us if you need help with anything else” etc.

How would you feel about this response from the manufacturer of your laptop?

Do you think I am coming across as butthurt or do I have a valid point?

Damn it I still want a MSI GT80 Titan!

  • Rob Press


    That is truly awful. Was thinking of using those guys for my new laptop but definitely won’t bother now.

    Massive FAIL

  • Kurt Trew

    Blimey! Are MSI on their way under or something? That is not the kind of customer service one would expect from a (what I used to think of) reputable company. Was it really as short and ‘sweet’ as that? Keep hold of their emails. I’m sure the guy’s managers would have something to say about that!!!

  • Andrew Thomas

    “Exactly” – Not the best of responses!! Think i will look elsewhere.

  • Drew McManus

    I’ve had nothing but frustrating and unsatisfactory encounters with MSI support. the 27″ AIO unit I purchased has had an ongoing series of problems with the AMD graphics card, a failed HD (not even seven months old) and the latest fiasco is MSI said the machine was Win 10 compliant but after upgrading, the AMD graphics card isn’t recognized. Two series of patches over three weeks and the problem is still unresolved with the latest word being that it will take “several weeks” more for a solution.

    So now I have a $2k+ machine running on the integrated Intel graphics chip so using Adobe Creative Suite is entirely out of the question.

    MSI refuses to replace the machine or offer a fair market value refund (not even asking for full retail price prifund) because that’s “ridiculous” but it is apparently just fine to expect the user to go without use of a primary component for months at a time due to a problem they created but can’t seem to fix.

    • RElliot

      I think I must have been pretty lucky with the hardware thus far.
      It sounds like they need to revise how they train their customer service staff, using a better tone would go a long way to help them retain their customers.

      Maybe try contacting AMD, they may have a driver that will resolve the issue with your graphics card.

      • As a followup here for anyone that might stumble on it, MSI notified me a few days ago saying the conflict was nothing they could resolve so the computer could not be updated to Win10 and continue using the AMD graphics card. Their solution is to provide a refurbished replacement machine with a slightly different configuration they say *should* be able to be upgraded but not I’ll be without a machine for more than a week waiting for the swap and no real guarantee. Plus I get to spend all of those hours installing programs and setting everything up. In the end, this is still a giant MSI fail.

  • Michael Costin

    I’m in the market for a new laptop and had been considering one from MSI. Consider that no longer a consideration!

  • brando marlo

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  • Leanne Long

    Similar experience with MSI to those below. Purchased a Dominator Pro 17″ i7 [$3749] in April 2015, blue screened suddenly without warning in early December. Retailer told me MSI insist on managing warranty claims themselves so tried to contact them. MSI very hard to contact – rang 11 times and FINALLY got through to them. MSI insisted on return to Sydney office for repair. Had to package and send by courier with lots of warnings about MSI NOT being responsible for any damage in transit if inadequately packaged. Was without the computer for more than three weeks when it was returned. Two days of re-installation of softwear and I didn’t even use it before a Microsoft Office update put it into a terminal loop, it turned off and refused to reboot. Retailer wanted to replace but MSI refused and insisted on return – have now been without my major ‘tool of trade’ for six weeks and counting. VERY frustrated, and MSI still has not returned the computer. Have now contacted Dept of Consumer Affairs to discover it should have been replaced immediately it blue-screened. Will be interesting to see how this progresses. Wouldn’t wish this on anyone else!

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